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Week Two – Production List

Homemade Hard Pretzels (must have snacks!)

Maple Walnut Granola**

Sandwich Bread (again)


Pizza Sauce from scratch (aka: first create crushed tomatoes)

Chicken stock

Turkey Breast roasted (to slice and freeze for future sandwiches)**

Pizza Crust**

Possible Meals

Greek Lamb Pilaf**

Pork w/Butternut Squash & Sage

Chicken and Brown Rice with Chorizo

√      Spinach Risotto w/Shrimp and Goat Cheese



Egg Salad Sandwich

Turkey Breast Sandwich



√      Cardamom Lime Sweet Rolls

√     = already completed at time of post (aka: how I’ve literally spent my Sunday morning)

**Leaving on vacation the end of this week, so I’m thinking I need to have things prepared for when we come back, or re-entry will be umm…too difficult?


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10 responses

  1. Sounds like a delicious week. Re-entry from vacation is always hard. I was just thinking about our re-entry after our vacation which starts this week too. All I can think of is to have the pizza delivery number ready.

  2. It really DOES sound very good! Lots of good leftovers there. Do you own a stick mixer? They come in really handy for things like “crushed” tomatoes and pureeing soups.

    I see Mr. Garlic still cries for you…

    • Used the “stick mixer” yesterday for the pizza sauce. First time since my Mom got it for me for Christmas 2 years ago.

      Mr. Garlic knows how to express MY feelings sometimes.

  3. 2 lunch ideas for you: 1) I marinate 4-6 boneless, skinless, chicken breasts or thighs at a time (different flavors–Mexican, Italian, curry, Thai– if I’m feeling inspired), then oven roast them. Individually bag and freeze. Use for salads and sandwiches. 2) chickpea salad= 1 or 2 cups cooked chickpeas, mashed with a fork until they look ‘shredded’. Now pretend they are tuna and make tuna salad however you like it using the mashed chickpeas. Makes a good sandwich and keeps in the fridge for a long time because there is no tuna to go bad. Hope that helps a little.

  4. Pam,
    We LOVE the chicken, brown rice and chorizo! Often make it in the dutch oven out in the yard, but can be done in the oven as well. If you need my smoker, just ask – you can lay in a good supply of meat for a week or two with an afternoon’s cooking. Just get the smoker going, then start the dutch oven for the chicken dish, then open a bottle of wine and after about half a weekend, you have food for a few meals! He he – keep up the inspirational effort!

  5. So excited to see things moving right along! Lots of great meals going on here — and I’ll bet they’ll get even better once the growing season gets into full swing. Suddenly you’ll be eating “convenience free” and LOCAL!

    Another great tip — Cook and freeze beans in can-sized portions. They actually freeze VERY well and come in very handy on weeknights.

    Have a great vacation!

  6. What a terrific project! I’m glad I found your blog early on in your challenge. I love your discussions of the practical aspects of your weeks, but I hope you’ll also continue to talk about the whys and how the project changes you. Good luck!

  7. You should try bone-in turkey breast and use the bones/excess meat for freezable stock. I really like to use smoked turkeys – makes great chili!

  8. Don’t forget about popcorn — quick and easy snacking! All you need is a pot, some kernels, and some oil.

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